The power to form your fastener!

Quality – Complex automotive products are used under the most severe circumstances and have to last for over decades. Only with qualified employees and the highest quality standards in design and production will result in products you can rely on during the entire product lifetime.

The design process

Over 70% of the product costs are determined (the so called committed costs) in the early design stages. We would like to help you with reducing the costs in these early design stages and at the same time improve the product quality!

We offer possibilities in for example Early Supplier Involvement programs (ESI) and design reviews (part of the APQP) to find saving possibilities. Now you might think ‘how do they do it’?

Mostly we receive a customer specific drawing (2D, 3D, single parts and assemblies). Together with the customer we will look at possibilities to produce more efficiently. We can do this by for example:

  • The use of other production techniques which are better under certain circumstances. For example cold forging production techniques instead of a machining processes.
  • Finding the right tolerances in the product design that fit our machinery. This activity is also carried out in good cooperation with our customers.
  • The right choice of the materials used.
  • Etc.

A more efficient production results in quality improvements and cost reductions. We also know the key automotive challenges today and in the future and we will reflect this in our entire approach.

The production process – a zero defect philosophy!

When an order is released we will start with a test series together with a PPAP (Production Part Approval Process). The primary goal of this test run is establishing confidence in a stable and good production process.

After a successful test run(s) the production of larger series will start. During the production process we take product samples. These samples are taken randomly and in different stages in the production process.In the case of unexpected deviations the concerning products will be deleted, analyzed and correct measures will be implemented. Our goal is to deliver you products with zero defects!

Further we stand for:

  • The right certificates to guarantee the best quality (according to ISO/TS16949 and ISO 9001:2008)
  • Motivated, qualified and multidisciplinary employees.
  • We use the best and most state-of-the-art production technologies, machines and tools.