Mission statement, vision and values

Mission statement – why we exist

Our mission is to deliver excellent quality and make the difference for our customers. We do this by:

  • Creating customer specific products with a zero defect philosophy (in PPM / Parts Per Million).
  • Creating, together with our customers, the most efficient product designs. Hereby we reduce the use of materials, energy and other scarce resources.
  • Creating durable products that last during the entire product lifetime.
  • The goal of 100% delivery reliability, anywhere, anytime.

Vision statement – who do we want to be

Making people’s lives better by creating durable high-tech automotive products resulting in more reliable and safe vehicles.’

This ambitious vision serves as the guiding vision for HSP Fasteners and all its employees.

We take it as a responsibility to supply products where the (final) customer can rely on. We strive for a lifetime contribution when it comes to the reliability and safety.


Our main values are listed below:

  • Innovation and a constant desire for renewal. Apply the creative ingenuity necessary to make our customers better, faster, first. We know that adapting to demands and deliver innovative solutions saves money and contributes to success for all parties.
  • Leadership by example. Our managers try to set a good example, and expect the same of HSP Fasteners co-workers.
  • Delivering Excellent Results. Exceed the expectations, consistently. The expectations of our customers, ourselves and other stakeholders.
  • Corporate Responsibility. It is our duty to operate in an honorable manner, provide good working conditions for employees, encourage workforce diversity, be a good steward of the environment and actively work to better the quality of life in the logical communities where it operates and in society at large.
  • Accept and delegate responsibility. We promote our co-workers with growth potential and stimulate them to surpass their expectations.
  • Integrity of our employees and as a company. We strive to do what is right and do what we say we will do.